Nature Explorer

Wildlife can be very mysterious and sometimes hard to spot with an untrained eye. But most animals leave behind little clues to tell us what they are, where they’ve been and what they’ve been doing. Our skilled Park Explorers will share the secrets of the local wildlife including how to identify species, track animals and understand the local park environment. You may be surprised to find such an array of wildlife surrounding you.

Survival School

Learn the secrets of surviving in the wild with an introduction to practical survival skills led by the dedicated Park Explorer. Our Park Explorers are fully trained in wilderness survival so you really are learning from the best; they will ensure you develop the skills to survive with only the basics through hands on experience. From building shelters using the natural environment to lighting a fire without matches, it’s all about survival.

Creative Explorer

Using the gifts of Mother Nature, our Park Explorers will fuel the imagination by teaching you how to search your natural surroundings for the most interesting art supplies. From natural collages to handcrafted jewellery, this is your chance to let the creative juices flow and create a masterpiece to be proud of.